Vivid Celebrations

By Laxmi Kaul

“Vivid Celebrations” takes you through Laxmi’s journey to the spiritual epicenter of Holi festivities in North India and depicts the raw celebration and revelry. These images captured the very essence of Holi, the festival of colours, which marks the time when man and nature discard the darkness and cold of winter with the warmth and colour of spring manifested through an atmosphere of social merriment.

Laxmi Kaul is a professional photographer specialising in portraiture, humanitarian, slow documentary and fine art photography. She loves shooting visual stories that satisfy her inner voices. She captures moments of incredible beauty. In her artistic work, she uses her unmistakeable textures to create great portraits. Her travel photography depicts movingly beautiful landscapes setting and proves how versatile her photographic oeuvre is. Laxmi Kaul’s body of work is showcased in various publications, NGO’s and camera manufacturers. Her work has constantly found its way in various exhibitions in Singapore and leading photography online platforms.