By Mun Keat Ho

I love film. The truth is shooting travel photography on analog, unlike digital, I will not realise my photos didn’t come out as expected until I get home.  

I started photography at a very young age, shooting film. In these digital days, I’m still convinced that  film gives me its unique, organic look. I won’t want to miss this for the world I’m seeing.

MunKeat, a renowned wedding photographer who has been nominated thrice as the “Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Malaysia” from 2016 to 2020, specialises in destination wedding, wedding event, fine art portraiture, street and travel photography. MunKeat started off with a Leica IIIc, a vintage rangefinder introduced by Leica in 1940. Being an avid camera collector owning more than 40 over sets, he is now a proud owner of Leica M2, M3, M5, M6, CL, R8, M (Type 240) and M10 Monochrom. Munkeat utilises both digital and film to achieve perfection in his images. Most of his photography styles are influenced by classic cinematic films, which are timeless.

“The combination of viewfinder and rangefinder in the M displays not only the subject, but also what is going on around it. This allows me, as a photographer to observe how a scene develops, compose the shot and at the same time interact directly with the subject. It simply inspires me to shoot more” - Mun Keat