Soul On The Streets

By Betty Goh

“Soul on the Streets” presents visual artist, Betty Goh’s abstract expressions of her street photography. 

The same streets which she walks everyday may look ordinary, but it was the different feelings each time her soul connects with the people and environment that allow her to view the mundane from different perspectives.  

Betty enjoys capturing street in an abstract form, conveying her feelings through the unnoticeable inner beauty she sees in the passers-by and the surroundings. She hopes to share and connect the same feelings she experienced through her unique photography style.

There is a sense of mystery and imagination in her unconventional urban street images. Born and based in Singapore, Betty Goh is passionate about abstract street photography. With her keen observation and creativity, she captures the daily streets in her own distinctive style through the surrounding lights, colours, spaces, reflections, shadows and silhouettes. Betty is the only Singaporean artist included in the first “Women Street Photographers” book curated by Gulnara Samoilova in New York and internationally published by Prestel Publishing in 2021. This celebrated book features 100 contemporary female street photographers around the world.

Betty bought her Leica Q2 in 2021. It’s simple to use and lightweight. The Q2 silent design puts her mind at ease when photographing unposed situations on the streets. She feels very comfortable using it, and this is very important for an artist because she can focus more on creativity and composition. Moreover, the soulful colours produced by the camera match her photography style. This is one critical factor that would make her want to continue using a Leica camera. All her images were taken within one single exposure on the Leica Q2.