By Vineet Vohra

Hear a piece of information, three days later you’ll only remember 10% of it. If you look at a picture, it stays with you.

I only photograph what I love and curious about. As a street photographer, I photograph people, environment and scenes which touch my soul.

Serendipity is simply unsheltered intention, sometimes we stumble upon an inconvenient truth and the universe looks suspicious as if it’s a fix. Serendipitous photos to me, sometimes poetic and at times mythical. It consists of various factors such as proximity, similarity, intuition, direction, and closure.

I always ask myself “Why do I want to make this picture?". It's important to ask "WHY” rather than "HOW".

“Why” is the reason behind why I started photography as it is all about reflecting and expressing myself to discover who I am. I try to be intuitive, make photographs which are spontaneous, transitory and instinctual. Sometimes you make photograph in a fraction of a second. Sometimes you blink and you miss it. This is what I tried to emulate in my book, SERENDIPITY.

Born in New Delhi, Vineet graduated with a first class degree in fine arts from the prestigious College of Arts. A self-taught photographer who started shooting wild life for two years before finding passion in street photography, Vineet finds photographing in the street a journey he learns about life in general; about human elements and the environment; about making ordinary moments look extraordinary ….. all these were presented through his lens, in a genuine and honest manner.

Vineet is proud to be the first ever Indian, in the history of Leica, to be appointed as a Leica Ambassador. Before this appointment,
Vineet was an official Fuji X photographer. As a Leica Ambassador in Leica Akademie, Vineet has been conducting workshops and contribute publications on Leica blogs. He has also been conducting workshops in leading colleges in India for the past 15 years. He is a member of APF collective & thestreetcollective and author of the successful book “the serendipity”. Vineet has been invited to conduct workshops globally, including at the Miami Street Photography Festival, Italian street photography festival, San Francisco Street Photography Festival, London Street Photography Festival, Xposure Photography Festival Sharjah, SIPA and India Photo Festival. He sits on the judging panel of all these festivals. Vineet has been awarded thrice consecutively at the Xposure photo festival by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi for excellence. His works and stories have been published on various prestigious magazines, newspapers & blogs all over the world including National Geographic, NYT, The Guardian U.K.

Vineet strongly believes that everyone of us should get involved with photography, because photography unveils more than one can ever see and imagine. With this aspiration, APF ( magazine was formed in 2011, with the objective to provide a platform for emerging photographers, artists and designers to showcase their works, in broad concepts, styles and techniques which are of no limits and endless possibilities.