By Avi Yap

"I rarely set out and shoot my images with a theme beforehand, and to be honest, I’m not very good at that. I, however prefer that each of my images has its own unique story to tell, just like our lives, everyone has his/her experience to share. Therefore, while these images show a wide variety of my past work, each image was shot as how I perceived it to be. I hope you will be able to enjoy and appreciate the images along with any hidden messages within them."

Avi Yap, currently based in Tokyo, Japan, was a commercial photographer, Leica Guild Member and Leica Akademie Instructor. While Avi used to shoot commercials and celebrities for a living, his true passion lies within documenting the lives of people on the streets.

His photography has gained international recognition after winning awards at the prestigious Lucie Foundation’s IPA awards, as well as having a number of his works tagged as Leica Master Shots by the Leica Fotografie International Gallery.

Avi religiously believes the phrase “Wear a camera”. Over the past 5 years, Avi has always wore his Leica M everyday, wherever he went, ever ready to immortalise moments when they present themselves before him.