Life Captured

By Hayashi Lim

Photography is all about the moment of life captured with one click.

Most photographers, including me, started with photography so that we can capture everyday life.  We probably started by clicking the shutter aimlessly, not wanting to miss a single moment around us.  

As years went by, I learnt that photography is more than documenting a moment in time. Besides taking photos to keep memory, I share with my friends and social media network, life I’m experiencing. It is therefore important for me to capture images with details that support a visual story for my audience. I let happen what’s going to happen, no posing. I embrace everyday life with the beauty that it has. 

My exhibits “Life Captured” are images more than just to document a moment in time. I’m a storyteller capturing life around me.

Hayashi started his photography journey in 2006. What was once a hobby, became a passion — a love affair that lasted till today.

Over the years working as an international wedding photographer, Hayashi captured the laughter, tears of joy and candid moments of marriage ceremonies. He then ventured into new genres, focusing on lifestyle photography. With his SL2-S, which he proudly called his partner in crime, he photographs food and beverages in true-to-life colour with stunning details. When on the streets, Hayashi shoots real-life situations in an original style to share people’s stories through unscripted scenes.

Of his choice of Leica camera, Hayashi says: “I love the design and build of the SL2-S. In terms of performance, it produces incredible images and outstanding colours. With the sharpness and bokeh of Leica lenses, the end result is simply phenomenal.”